Kitchen Remodeling

There is no better monetary investment in your home than in the kitchen as far as the return you derive from remodeling dollars spent on your home. A kitchen facelift consisting of new cabinet doors, new countertops, updated appliances and fixtures, and new flooring can significantly increase the value of your home. Many homeowners are making other alterations to their kitchens such as the eliminating the furr downs, creating a breakfast bar, under and over cabinet lighting, and innovative cabinet design. The trend with cabinets is definitely back to a stained finish after years of painted cabinets. The variety of countertops has also expanded greatly over the last few years with solid surfaces, granite, soapstone, silestone, decorative laminate, ceramic, and other options.

Bathroom Remodeling

It seems that many of our customers are going for a more classic look in their master bathrooms. They definitely are continuing to get bigger and bigger. Stained vanity cabinets, multi-layer moldings, 13″x13″ and 16″x16″ ceramic floor tile, lots of mirrors, large whirlpool bathtubs, and toilet topper cabinets are all very popular. Smaller bathrooms that we are remodeling are having all the ceramic removed from the walls and better lighting added.

Creating Open Areas

It seems we are tearing down more walls than we are actually building. Many homeowners want nice open areas in their homes. The walls between the living room and den as well as the wall between the kitchen and breakfast room are common walls that we are eliminating. Proper installation of beams and support posts is very important in this type of remodeling.

Deck Additions

Every homeowner enjoys a sunny afternoon on a deck. Aside from the pleasure you get from outdoor entertaining and grilling, according to Remodeling magazine, decks return the most on your investment upon resale.