Frequently Asked Questions

These Frequently Asked Questions represent the questions we are most asked. If you have a specific question, please email us via our contact page or call us at 251-476-3323.

Do I always need a draftsman or architect?

Not always. Many projects involve reallocating the space you will order have available and we can normally handle design for you. If we feel it would be best to involve an architectural designer, architect, kitchen/bath designer, etc. we will be glad to recommend ones we have worked with for years.

There is so much available to select from. What is the best way to make these selections?

We have long-term relationships with suppliers all over Mobile to help you make your selections with ease. We also can provide you with many websites which allow you to shop over the internet. Making decisions on the right plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, wallpaper, etc. can be a source of stress for many homeowners, so we try to help you along the way. We can also recommend interior decorators to assist you.

During the renovation of my home, will I have to move out?

Most of the time we can work it out for you to continue living in your home during the time of the renovation. However, on some large whole house renovations if you do relocate for a few months while the work is in progress it can actually save you money. In this particular instance, the work would be able to progress faster and the time saved on our part would equal a significant saving to you.

I hear that the cost goes up after a project is started because of things encountered. Is that true?

The only time the contract price would increase is if you increase the scope of work or in the rare event that something is discovered that was completely unknown prior to the starting. Either way, we will provide an accurate estimate on the incurred cost prior to the work being performed.

Is it true that Lipford Construction is one of the most expensive remodeling companies in Mobile?

Not at all. In situations where we are bidding against other contractors we rarely are the highest bidder. Over the years we have developed a very efficient method of producing our jobs and that keeps the cost reasonable and the quality high.

I hear a lot about the importance of contractors being licensed and bonded. Is this important?

Not only is it important, it’s the law. It is essential to know that the company working on your home is not only properly licensed by the city, state and county, but it is just as important that the company have current Workmen’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance. Lipford Construction has and always will have current licenses, bonds and insurance. We provide copies to all homeowners upon request.

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